Running :(

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Wod

1) 10×2 Sumo Deadlift @ 65% – rest 60sec.

Notes – If you don’t have a 1rm Sumo you can probably base this off of your traditional DL. It shouldn’t be very heavy. If it becomes heavy or a struggle at all go ahead and lower the weight.

Used same weight as yesterday, never attempted sumos. Felt good!


2) 3 X 1 mile repeats – rest 1:1

Notes – These should be about a 95% effort pacing wise. They should be roughly 20-35 seconds off of your best mile time. Doing these on a track would be optimal.

Tried to keep pose using a treadmill. My true 1 mile is unknown, my sets look liked:

1st was a  7:30 pace

2nd 7:00 minute

3rd 6:30

Calves felt as if they were going to pop during pose (attempt). May just ditch the effort and stick with what’s been working.


  1. Mike McGoldrick says:


    Not sure what you are trying to accomplish with the running, but sounds like you are starting to move more towards forefoot striking rather than heel striking. I went through something similar a few months ago. I gave the six weeks of pose drills a shot and I was by no means running pose but just wasn’t heel striking anymore. For 2-3 weeks my calves were extremely sore from landing on my forefoot, but each week the recovery was faster. By week 5 and 6 there was no issue whatsoever. My calves built up the endurance.

    Just remember to rehab the shit out of them after each run. I mean really get on ’em. I was setting my calf on a pvc pipe and then putting a weight vest over my leg, letting it mash into my soleus. Hurts like hell but made for a speedy recovery. The forefoot striking has changed everything.

    I hope this helps, and if this is way off topic just disregard.

    BTW, I am loving the blog. Keep up the bad ass work!


  2. klowe says:

    I kindof went the same route. My bastardization of the pose technique was murder on my calves. Mile time went down but endurance went way up. When it was all said and done pose met my usual running “style”. The result was no more healstrikes but a longer stride that is much more comfortable and sustainable.

    Love the blog CC. Keep it up.

    • CCFitness says:

      Thanks Klowe for the post….Pose is tough to learn and I would love to be more efficient running, but when it’s all said and done i’ll probably be back to the ol’ heel strike. I mean if Mikko and Speal heel strike and there pretty much the best runners in CF. What will it hurt? I mean we don’t run endurance sports you know.

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