T..G..U’ssss!!!! (Jason campbell reference)

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Wod

1) Every 30 sec for 10 minutes 1 Strict Muscle-Up

Notes: If you miss at all you may use a slight kip, but the goal is to complete all as smoothly and well paced as possible.

completed all sets; began kipping around 4 or 5 minutes

2) In succession with no rest intervals…
5 min max KB Snatch @ 24kg                           115x
5 min to establish a 3rm Front Squat 280 (missed 300 on 3rd)
5 min max KB Snatch @ 24kg                           106x
5 min max TGU @ 24kg                                   26x(?)

Notes: KB Snatches should be done with tempo. This is not true max effort work, but should be treated like a mile run or 2k row. The goal is to keep moving through both 5 min intervals with little to no stopping. Weight should be loaded on the barbell for the front squat before you begin the WOD. Obviously be relatively conservative with your first attempt. Also, don’t rush the TGUs – use some pacing and tempo to keep moving for the entire interval.


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