Posted: February 15, 2011 in Wod


1) 5×8 Weighted Pushups – rest 60 sec.

w/ 100# plate

Notes: If you have chains they would be best for this, but you can use plates or whatever else you can get on your back. These should be unbroken, but VERY difficult.

2) Tabata:
Air Squats
KBS @ 32kg
Treadmill Sprints 9mph/9incline

score: 20 squats/ 9 kb swing/ great experience running

Notes: These are 8 cycles of each movement straight through. Keep track of total reps for squats and KBS.

1) 15 minutes of Power Clean practice.

Notes: Go heavy if you want but keep total load fairly low – 4-6 heavy attempts at the most.

worked up to 225 that was it

2) 5×2 Weighted Rope Climbs 15′ – rest as needed

Notes: I don’t know exactly where to tell you to start on this because the weight in the vest may not matter, BUT – I want these to be touch and go. Do not drop off the rope and wait. Touch the feet to the ground at the bottom and go right back up. Use as much weight in the vest as possible.

20# vest….improving

3) 6 minute AMRAP of:
8 UB Hang Power Cleans @ 135lbs
12 UB Ring Dips

Notes: Penalty for breaking any sets is 20 Burpees.

7 rds+3 cleans…..gamed the dips too much




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