Posted: March 28, 2011 in Wod

1) 5×2 Clean Pulls @ 105% (of clean) – rest 90 sec.


Notes: If these are super light and you’re maintaining torso angle then you can add weight. Straps are recommended.

2) 5×2 Front Squats @ 80% – rest 90 sec.


Notes: These are tempo work with a quick drop into the down position and a 3 count pause at the bottom. Concentrate on keeping the chest as high as possible.

3) 5×5 Weighted Box Jumps 30″ – rest 2 minutes

40# vest

Notes: These should be weighted with dumbells in each hand. Use as much weight as possible for each set.

4) 5 rounds not for time of:
75 UB Double-Unders
20 Ring Dips

1:40 avg with 90 sec-120 sec rest between efforts

Notes: Rest as needed.


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