Aug 18, 2011

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Wod
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1) Weighted Pullups: 3@65% – 3@70% – 3@75% – Max Effort @ 80% –
rest 2:30 minutes
2) 4×3 Seated Box Jumps 30″ w/ vest – heaviest
possible, rest 60 sec

20# vest-all i had

Notes: I’d like you to do these completely static,
but if you’re uncomfortable you may slam your feet to start the movement. Legs
should be parallel when seated on the box.

3) 5×5 Good Mornings (pull
stance) – heavy, rest 90 sec



5X800m Run – rest  1:1

Notes: Effort on the first piece should be 90-95%. This will be your
pace time for the remaining pieces. Any more than a 5 sec deviation above or
below pace receives a 20 Burpees penalty to be performed after the WOD.


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