Oct 15, 2011 *Outlaw Challenge

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Wod
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WOD 1: Time
WOD 2: Time
WOD 3: Rounds Plus Reps
WOD 4: Heaviest Weight Completed
WOD 5: Total Reps of EACH Movement

“The Worldwide Outlaw Open Championship Event of the Universe”

-All work will take EXACTLY one hour. Begin your clock with the first WOD and leave it running throughout all WODs.
-We will be using the CrossFit Games scoring system. You MUST post your work to the blog (theoutlawway.com) by Sunday @ 5pm to be in the running for the title of “Champion of the Universe”. Our winners will be announced Monday.
-I would LOVE as much video as possible.

WOD 1 (beginning @ 0:00):


Run 400m
21 Pullups
Run 400m
15 Pullups
Run 400m
9 Pullups

For time.


Notes: HSPU are games/regionals standard. Ab-Mat between 25# plates. Plates must be touching the Ab-Mat and hands must be somewhere on the plate. Kipping IS allowed.

*Rest the remainder of 20 minutes from the moment the clock started. IE – if you finish in 8 minutes you will rest 12 minutes. Begin WOD 2 at exactly 20 minutes.

WOD 2 (beginning @ 20:00):

Row 50 Calories for time.


Notes: ALL dampers MUST be set on 4.

*Rest the remainder of 5 minutes.

WOD 3 (beginning @ 25:00):

6 minute AMRAP of:

4 Deadlifts @ 330/220
8 Lateral Barrier Burpees (over the bar)
12 Wall Ball 20/14lbs


Notes: Gentlemen; build your deadlift bar with 4-45# 2-25# 4-10# 2-5# and 2-2&1/2# plates. Ladies; build your deadlift bar with 2-45# 2-25# 2-10# 2-5# and 2-2&1/2# plates.

*WOD 4 begins as soon as WOD 3 ends – there is no written rest.

WOD 4 (beginning @ 31:00):

14 minutes (until 45 minutes total) to:

Establish a 1RM 2 Position (hang/full) Squat Snatch.


Notes: Only the weights that were used to complete WOD 3 may be used to complete WOD 4. Today’s definition of the hang will be anywhere above the knee – the pause is optional. The 2 reps must be consecutive, unbroken, and touch & go. You may make as many attempts as you choose.

*Rest 4 minutes.

WOD 5 (beginning @ 49:00):

3 rounds of:

1 min Max Effort Front Squats 185/135lbs

-rest 1 minute-

1 min Max Effort Muscle-Ups

-rest 1 minute-

For total reps.

FS 20/15/18

MU 8/7/7


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