Nov 4, 2011

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Wod
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As long as you want to Establish a 1RM Back Squat.
190kg or 418#-hi bar back squat….20+# PR
9-7-5 of:
Snatches (full squat – no pause) 135/95#
For time.
  1. Brandon . . . only two weeks in and feeling stronger! I really like the focus on strength followed by the conditioning side of things. My struggle right now . . . snatch is not where I’d like it . . . my hips are super tight so my squat in the snatch holds me back considerably. Do I need to look at overheads squats to help with this issue?

    Thanks again! Have an awesome weekend!
    Middletown, Ohio

    • I wouldn’t focus on one lift (ie OHS) to fix the problem. Don’t know if you’ve seen with Kelly Starrett. I would start there fixing certain mobility issues. As for improving the Snatch-study videos. I watch videos all the time of former olympians on youtube all the time. is a great place as well with daily videos and videos of every auxillary lift/skill transfer lift you can imagine. Keep the training up. take Care

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