Nov 9, 2011

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Wod
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1: 5×1 Press Cluster (1x push press, 1x push jerk, 1x split jerk) Heavy as possible


2: Hi-Bar Back Squat: 2×5@40%+25% Chains, 2×5@50%+25% chains, Max Effort @60%+25% chains

280+80#’s of chains for 10x

3: Floor Press: 5×5



200m Run

10x Deadlifts @ 275

15x slapping pushups

400m Run

8x Deadlifts

12x slapping pushups

400m Run

6x Deadlifts

9x slapping pushups

200m run


*200m runs were actually 270m

*400m were 408m


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