Nov 10, 2011

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Wod
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1: Weighted Dips – 5×5 heavy as possible rest 60 sec

2: Weighted Strict pullups – 5×5 heavy as possible rest 60 sec

3: Snatch Work-take 15 minutes work on your weakest point of snatch.


in 20 minutes complete the following:

30 ft sled pull

20x cal on rower

10x OH walking lunges @ 135#

60 ft sled pull

40x cal on rower

20x OH walking lunges @ 135#

90 ft sled pull

60x cal on rower

30x OH walkering lunges @ 135#

and so on….til the 20 min is up

  1. Quick question . . .
    What are some things that are a must for you to do each and every day? I have been working mobilitywod into my daily routine. But is there a set group of exercises, stretches, meditations, yoga, food that you have included in your every day routine?

    I appreciate any input you can share!
    Middletown, Ohio

  2. Brandon . . . Did your Nov. 4 Workout this morning and it was awesome! Thanks again for posting your workouts.

    Middletown, Ohio

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