Posted: November 29, 2011 in Wod
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Injured myself a few weeks ago and have been resting ever since. Feeling good, feeling strong but staying away from squats or any overhead work til late December probably. Focusing on upper body strength right now, while using the airdyne, rowing maching and battle ropes for conditioning.

Since wrestling season is in full swing and most of my time is spent with my team, using wrestling as conditioning. Great supplemental training/conditioning.



1: Band Pullups (speed work) 12×3 every 30 sec

*alternating grip using green bands

*had to switch to 2x reps after 6th set

2: Accessory work: Perform 2x 25 reps a piece, very short rest btw sets

  • Cable rows
  • ring pushups
  • Behind Neck Pulldowns
  • Neck work
  • standing rope pulls

3:  Conditioning

15 minutes of sled walks and lateral sled pulls

used 350-400# for sled walks

used 200# for lateral sled pulls

*alternated btw sled walk/lateral pulls for 15 minutes

  1. Brandon . . . sorry to hear about your injury. Hope everything heals up properly. Take care and thanks for posting your workouts.


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