Posted: May 7, 2012 in Wod
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haven’t been posting for a while going to try to keep up with my training leading up to the games:

Part A:
EMOM for 10 min perform 3x back squats @ 75%/6x CTB pullups

3 rds not for time:
8x goodmornings at 140#
15 sec L-sit hold
10x rotator cuff supermans

Rest 4+ hours

Part B:
BB Gymnastics

1) EMOM for 5 min perform 3x Snatch @ 75%
Notes: These ARE NOT touch & go reps. Reset before each rep.

Then for 6 min perform the following:
on all odd minuutes 3x Snatch Pulls @ 100%
on all even minutes 3x Heaving Snatch Balances @ 80%

Then Conditioning

EMOM for 5 minutes 12 (kipping) HSPU.

Notes: Spend all rest time hold (farmer’s carry style) 100/70# dumbells. Make every effort to pick up the DBs immediately after your last rep of HSPU. HSPU are regional’s standard.

-Rest 10 minutes-

3 rounds for time of:

Row 500m
20 Wall Balls 20/14#
20 Absolutely Vertical KBS 24/16kg

Midline (time permitting)

1a) 2X15 Strict T2B – rest 45 sec.

  1. mathboyle says:

    Brandon . . . good luck at the games. Hope your training leading up the games is solid.


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