Posted: May 15, 2012 in Wod
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AM Session:

Using 100% of your Strict Press and Front Squat perform the following with a continuous running clock

for 8 minutes: perform 5x Press/5x Front Squat with 50% of max EMOM (each minute on minute)

for 6 minutes: perform 6x Press/6x Front Squat with 70% of max every 2 minutes

for 4 minutes: perform 2x Press/2x Front Squat with 85% of max every 80 seconds

*With fast transitions and weight change all work was completed with a continuously running clock. Each set was manageable and completed within time frame.

Followed that up with 10/8/6/4/2 Kipping HSPU with a 25-30 yard 250# prowler push btw each set


PM Session:

Snatch: heavy single; 85%x1x3

*worked up to 235, I bruised my right hip flexor last week and apparently it did not fully heal. Couldn’t hold bottom of snatch.


500m row

100x DU

5x Rope Climb

240ft farmers carry with rogue 45# bumpers

5x rope climbs

100x DU

500m row



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