Posted: May 21, 2012 in Wod

Am Session:

Press/Front Squat

Speed work in 6 min @ 55% (110#/185#)

3×9 *every 2 min perform 9x Press/Front Squat

Power Work in 4 min @ 75% (150#/250#)

5×2 *every 48 seconds perform 2x Press/Front Squat

Strength work in 8 min @ 90% (180#/300#)

8×1 *EMOM perform 1x press/Front Squat

End on 50x weighted situps/50x weighted back extensions

PM Session:

BB Gymnastics

1) heavy single Power Snatch 

hit 225-hip still bruised 

2) 15X2 Power Snatch @75% max *every 48seconds-12 min total

195# (of 260) 

12 min AMRAP:
7x Strict Pullups
14x Pistols (alternating)
21x GHDs
5+7 pullups *hip was still acting up 
5 minute AMRAP of Ring HSPU.

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