PM Wod

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Wod

Run 800m
Max Rep Back Squats @ 275lbs
-rest 1:1

RD 1–3:18….15x

RD 2–3:30….12x

RD 3–3:38….10x

Notes: Every max effort should end with the bar being dumped, these should be all out efforts. Also, every run should be an attempt at a PR. This should hurt – bad.

2) 3 15′ Rope Climbs on the minutes every minute for 10 minutes. During the rest intervals accumulate as many double-unders as possible. The workout is over when the clock hits 10 minutes.

Complete and utter breakdown….turned into 1 rope climb a minute-embarrassing. Couldn’t get my feet to bear my weight. Needs more work.


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